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Dear Gordon,

Just wanted to say, “GREAT JOB!” with the need to quickly switch reservations for Mark Ziolkowski and get him out of Peoria/Chicago tonight instead of tomorrow afternoon due to the impending snowstorm. You handled all with great skill and swiftness—you really came through when it was needed most. You also remembered that he needed to allow extra time to turn in his rental car, something that may otherwise may not have been thought of due to the ‘fluster’ of concentrating solely on trying to get out of the city and back home any way possible; well done! Also ‘going the extra mile’ to look up the expected weather conditions online—good touch.

Many thanks for your diligent work there at Travel Leaders, Mr. Williams!

Debra L. Green
Administrative Associate

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Leslie and Kristine,

On behalf of ESA, I just wanted to thank you both for all of your work on our recent event. Your assistance made the whole process so much simpler and worry free for us, and all of our guests were very pleased with your services.

I hope you have a lovely holiday season, and I look forward to working with you in the future!

With much appreciation,

Lillian Dunn
Executive Assistant to Government Affairs
Entertainment Software Association
575 7th Street NW, Suite 300
Washington, D.C. 20004
202.903.2322 phone

Best decision! To go with travel Leaders.

Sherry Brown
Accounting Manager
Consumer Reports 
Billy Vu was extremely helpful and very instrumental in the roll-out of the Travel portion on our new CONCUR Travel and Expense site. The Webinars conducted were coordinated with me and the 17 sessions held were valuable training for all Users. I am very thankful to have Billy as a contact for our employee’s travel as his assistance is always clear and the end user is always satisfied with results Billy provides. I am also thankful for administrative issues I encounter because all I have to do is forward a User’s email issue or a problem of my own to Billy, and he answers promptly and includes detailed instructions that enable myself and our employees to continue the working and booking needed travel. Billy is always helpful, courteous and respectful and I happy to have the opportunity to work with such a “class act”.

Joan Bowden
Accounting Manager, Pandora Jewelry, LLC
Billy is ALWAYS very quick to respond to any problem or correspondence presented to him, even if he is just copied.

He also follows through to insure you are satisfied with the results and continues to ask if you need further assistance.

His knowledge and pleasant nature is also key when dealing with him. I appreciate his work and hope that you reward him favorably!


Colleen Adams
Numerex Corporation
I want to give special thanks to Gordon Williams for his ...

-special attention he gives with all my requests
-attention to all the details – I trust him with all my work
-quick action with all my requests
-quick responses to me so I can inform my team
-organization skills –he has never dropped my many balls
-understanding of the process -- he trained me
-relationship management—no matter what and when he has a smile and wonderfully friendly tone either on the phone or via- e-mail.

I was resistant to using an agency instead of doing it myself –but with Gordon I know I have someone who has the Business Development team’s BACK.

Marketing Specialist
Jubilant Clinsys Inc.
Katherine is always ever so helpful! In addition, she is always helps with a smile other requests from VIP colleagues that come on an individual basis as guests during the year!

Leslie: excellent teamwork from your group at Travel Leaders, always a pleasure! Thanks to all!

Mauricia E. Martinez
Office of The CEO - Americas (Lee Spratt)
DHL Global Mail
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